Who can use the Shaktimatte?

All! But if you have a medically diagnosed condition or are pregnant, we recommend that you get advice from your doctor.


What effect does the Shaktimat have on my body?

The Shaktimatte can provide pain relief, eliminate stress, boost metabolism and inhibit inflammation.


Does it hurt to lie on the Shaktimatte?

In the first few minutes you feel a light stinging and warming sensation in the areas that are being treated. But shortly thereafter (after around 5 minutes), the stinging sensation is replaced by pleasant relaxation.


How does the Shaktimat contribute to relaxation?

The Shakti Mat is made up of 6000 nails that stimulate the nerves where they touch the body. Through this stimulation in the body both endorphins and oxytocin are released. These substances give us feelings of happiness and recovery. At the same time, our muscles and nervous system relax.


How often and long should I be on the Shaktimatte?

Start with 15-20 minute treatments. Once you get used to the shakti mat, it is recommended to lie on the mat every day for between 20 and 40 minutes. If you are lying on it for longer, this has absolutely no negative effects. There are even many people who fall asleep lying on the mat. We recommend regular use. 


Can you wash the shakti mat?

Yes, if necessary, you can wash the mat by hand with lukewarm water and hang it up to dry. Washing machines and dryers should be avoided, since the tips can be damaged.


Can the Shaktimatte be used only for the back?

As the nerves from the spine extend into the whole body, the soothing energy spreads when treating the back of the entire body. The Shaktimatte can also be used on other parts of the body.

Can children use the Shaktimatte?

Children like the Shaktimat very much: it helps them to calm down and relax. It is especially recommended to put children on the shakti mat before going to bed.

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