Why the original?



The Shakti mat - the trendsetter

As a precursor and THE original, "The Shakti Matte" has become an expression for nail mats in general. This gives us a position that many brands can only dream of! The Shakti mat is and always will be the mat that started the boom. Copies will come and go, they will be cheaper or more expensive, but a real Shakti mat will always be worth its price.



Team Shakti operates its own factory in Varanasi, the holiest city in India, for making shakti mats. All employees work under good conditions, receive a good salary and are provided with lunch. Free health care is provided to employees and their families as well as other neighborhood families. In addition, Team Shakti fosters support projects in India.

The product

The Shakti mat bears the official CE mark, which confirms that the product complies with EU consumer safety, health and environmental requirements:

  • The original Shakti mat has 6,000 nails. Our Shakti Light has 8,000 and the Shakti Advanced only 4,000 nails (the fewer nails, the more intense the pressure per point!)
  • 100% organic cotton
  • No harmful chemicals used when dyeing
  • High quality foam
  • Quality print on name and symbols
  • Plastic discs are made of first-class, non-toxic ABS plastic. The Shakti Eco had 6,000 biodegradable nails
  • Detailed brochure with information and instructions
  • Specially selected retailers