A wellness experience every time with the Indian nail mat

After a treatment, you feel full of new energy, like you wake up after a good night's sleep.

Like an acupuncture treatment, our brain releases endorphins. Endorphins relieve pain and block pain impulses. For this reason, the Shaktimatte is a popular remedy especially for back, neck and other body aches.

Use the Shaktimat if you have the time or inclination, if possible daily. Just as with physical training, daily use is recommended to get the best results.

When lying on the mat you should be relaxed and breathe deeply. Before you get used to the Shaktimat, it can be difficult to relax, because during the first few minutes you feel the nails press against the skin. This can be a little uncomfortable, but after a few treatments you will become used to it. After a few minutes, a pleasant, warming feeling spreads and the body relaxes.

If you have very sensitive skin, you can put a thin cloth between the skin and the shakti mat at the beginning. However, this will decrease the effect of the treatment. At the beginning, a treatment time of 10 to 15 minutes can be sufficient, then gradually increase the duration of treatment to 20 to 40 minutes. Even if you lie on the shakti mat for a long time or even fall asleep on it there is no danger.


Place the shakti mat on a bed or other soft surface. A pillow or a rolled towel can serve as a neck support. Lie in a comfortable position on the Shaktimatte, so that the tips have contact with the naked skin. It is optimal if all nails are evenly burdened by body weight.

The nerves of the spine are connected to all parts of the body. A back treatment therefore affects the whole body. However, the Shakti mat can also be applied directly to other parts of the body for special treatments.


Special treatments



Use a pillow or a rolled towel so that the entire neck area comes in contact with the tips. Similar to the basic position, place your neck and back of the head on the shaktimatte.

Effect: Can dissolve tension in the neck and shoulders. Can also relieve headaches and be effective against stress.



Lie on your stomach with your hands against the sides or as shown.

Effect: Can dissolve tension in the diaphragm and respiratory muscles. This position can also promote digestion and oxygen uptake and be very effective against stress.



Put the shakti mat under the buttocks. First, the use of a thin cotton trousers recommended. If you already have exercise, you can also lie on the mat with your skin bare.

Effect: Can relieve tension in the lumbar and buttocks and provide stability and energy.



Carefully place the cheek on the shakti mat. During the first use, the use of a very thin cloth recommended between face and mat.

Effect: This position can release tension in the jaw and give your face new shine.



Put the shakti mat under your thighs.

Effect: Can dissolve tensions in the thigh area. Can help for so-called runners knee.




Stand with both feet on the Shaktimatte.

Effect: Similar to a reflexology massage, the whole body is affected. Can dissolve tensions in the calves and in tendonitis. Also effective against "cold feet" (due to increased blood flow).